What is the AustinChain?

AustinChain is committed to creating mobile payment experts in the blockchain payment industry,The core technologies such as Fast Lightning Payment, independently developed by the AustinChain development team, have significantly solved some of the disadvantages of the current blockchain in payment transmission, such as fast lightning payment technology and flash distribution.AustinChain will create a new blockchain digital asset payment network - Fast lightning payment network, fast lightning payment network can realize rapid payment of digital assets, and provide integrated SDK interface for payment channels of various digital assets, combined with various blockchain application development tools to provide convenience for enterprises and merchants. The result is an ecosystem based on blockchain payment finance.


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Relevant intent users clearly understand the risks of the project. Once investors participate in the investment, they understand and accept the risk of the project, and are willing to personally bear all the corresponding results.

The operations team does not assume any direct or indirect losses caused by participation in the project.


The Austin technical team has developed a variety of technologies for payment, such as key technologies such as fast lightning payment and flash distribution, which were independently developed by Austin.


General purpose

Blockchain payment industry infrastructure



Decentralized custodial user assets, absolutely safe


High concurrency

Payment network uses chain clearing to achieve high concurrency


Extreme speed

Transfers can be achieved in seconds and zero commissions! Far beyond the lightning network in terms of landing and practicality


Strong scalability

As a blockchain payment underlying platform, it can be derived from many commercial solutions with great scalability and programmability.



The node can only see the related transactions with the channel node established by itself, and it is completely unperceivable to other transactions in the network.

Distribution plan

ATIC token (AustinChain Token) is the standard ERC20 token, the total amount of ASTC is 1 billion, the total amount will never be issued, and the ATIC token is the application token.

Founding team(200 million)
Community(100 million)
Foundation wheel(100 million)
Market public relations(150 million)
Event gift(150 million)
Angel investment(100 million)
Public sale(200 million)
Total(1000 million)


The core members of the team are from the blockchain industry, with deep industry resources and background.